Simple Sword

This was really my first project project that I had worked on. I don’t have any pictures of this except for the finished product, sadly.

I just thought it would be cool to have a sword, so I thought I would just make one. I had bought a set of chisels before this for a smaller project that didn’t pan out, but I still thought getting into some woodworking would be pretty fun. I started with a 2 x 6, and drew out the sword and cut it out with a jig saw. Then I started working on the edge with my chisels. I soon realized that I could really use some other tools. So I bought a hand planer, a Dremel, and a set of files.

I accidentally took off part of the handle mid way because I had cut through too much with the jig saw, and it popped off when I accidentally hit it with a chisel. So I ended up incorporating it into the design. After I had finished, I thought doing a light burn on it would be cool, because I had seen people do that before to bring out the wood grain in a piece before. A pretty rudimentary sword, but I still think it looks cool. I also used a grinder to rough up the handle and put some cool designs in it before I sanded it all up and burned it.