Dining Room Painting and Family Camp Planning

Things are slowly falling into place for summer around here as we approach the summer season here at camp. As you’ve probably heard, our theme this year is “The Light Side”, and so we’ve decided to go with a spacey theme. So, like most years, we’ve repainted our dining hall, and it’s looking fantastic. We had a friend of camp come in who loves to paint, and she’s done a great job with the space.

I’ve also been working on a few smaller projects for our upcoming Family Camp Weekend, which takes place on May 26th-28th. For the past few years, we’ve done a small carnival during Family camp where we put on a few games, have cotton candy, and win some prizes. So, with that in mind, I decided to add a few more events this year. We’ll have a timed basketball shooting stand, a football throwing station with points based on accuracy, and a plinko game for different prizes. We may also have one more event as well, but it’s a bit of an undertaking to do it right, so I may not have the time this year. I forgot to take some pictures for parts of the process for those, but I’ll keep it updated here.

We also had S.W.A.T. come in and do some projects around Camp in the past few weeks. With all of the different groups coming to help us spruce up and fix things around camp, you’d think think we wouldn’t have any projects left, but sadly, that’s never the case. S.W.A.T. is a great group of people who go around to different camps, generally one camp per month on a weekend, and volunteer their time and skills to fix things that staff at a camp may not have the time or resources to fix otherwise. They’ve been coming to Hickory Cove for years now, and it’s always a pleasure to work alongside them and catch up on how they’re doing. This year they helped us fix our flooding problem in one of our buildings, pressure washed our whole gym, built a stair case on a house on Camp’s property, built a border for our tether ball pit, taking out our old walk in fridge and freezer, and many more things as well.

As we get closer to the summer I’ll have much less time to send out my usual letters, so there may be a point where I only post on here for a few months. If you want to keep up to date, you can subscribe and get an email notification when I post here. Something should post to Facebook when I post here as well.