Slingshot Targets

I purchased about 10 slingshots and steel shot for them to use during some of our younger camps, last year. I have been using paper targets that they use for target practice for pistols, which work great. The steel shot punches right through it so I don’t have to worry about ricochets, and the holes are large enough that you can see where you shot. I want to add a few more targets that are tougher to hit, still give feedback, and don’t pose any risk of ricocheting.

I looked at a few sites and found a really simple design.


Essentially, all you need is some leather, and then you just cut out a dumbbell shape. Then you just fold it over and either staple, glue, or stitch it together. I had some leather scraps given to me when I was wrapping the handle of a sword I had made, so I use some of the larger sections and used a can of stain and a ruler to measure out the rest. Overall, it only took me about 15 minutes to make them, and I think they’ll be great for a little additional challenge for our elementary age campers.

I also grabbed a bottle cap and twisted it around on each side to put a smaller target in the center.