Items for Camp

There are times when we have plans for the future, but do not have the funds to get the things we need. Things on here are most likely for activities, since I am the Program Director, after all. We have put together an Amazon Wishlist that has things from all kinds of departments. If you’re interested in buying something specific for camp, check it out.

I’ll keep a list of items that we can use for for Programming. This list will probably grow over time as I find more needs. I’ll provide a short explanation as to why we can use a specific item.

Items that I could use specifically for Programming:

  • 1 Canoe
    • One of our canoes has been out of commission for the past few years. The reason we don’t use it is because it’s already missing one seat, and the other seat is on it’s last legs. The manufacturer no longer makes a seat for it, and I’ve been referred to them to take a part from different type of canoe and cutting it to make it fit. Even with that fix, for the parts it would cost us around a hundred dollars for each seat. So, I’m going to make my own to try to get it into usable condition. Even then though, it’s just going to be made out of plywood, most likely.
  • Storage
    • We are always in need of storage. Any larger bins or totes can always be used. We could also use a shed to help us store equipment down by the lake. Honestly, we could use one out at just about every activity location so that we don’t have to haul out everything every day though. Metal cabinets, or anything like that would also work.