September 2017


Hey everyone!

The summer went wonderfully, with very few problems this year. The feedback I’ve gotten on all of the changes this year has been great, as well! At times it was a bit hectic trying to get things together for the various trips that we took, like to the high ropes course or to the kayaking trip down the New River, but we persevered and it seems like everyone had a great time. With a bit of experience under my belt, I’m sure I’ll be better prepared for any trips we end up taking next year too!

Our staff did a great job again this year, as well. Of course nothing we do here could have happened without their help. Many of them committed to helping us out for huge sections of the summer, even months at a time. And as exhausting as it was, I’m sure they would tell you that it was very rewarding. By now most of our staff except for our two interns and a few local people have headed back to school, which means the fall season has truly started for us.

Lumberjack also went very well! We had about 60 come enjoy our father-son weekend, and spend some time outside together. Every year I try to mix up lumberjack a little, so this year I added axe throwing to my repertoire. I had bought a few axes last year because I wanted to try it as part of our lumberjack games competition, which will be returning next year, but it was going to take too much practice before people could. With a few rounds of practice, though, I think everyone was able to get a few to stick. We also did a fishing trip out on a pontoon boat, a canoe trip, and a craft making wooden hatchets. I’ll be putting out a blog post on my website, with pictures of some of the things we did at lumberjack this year.

With lumberjack behind me now, most of the larger events that need planning are done. In November, we do have our free Young Adult Weekend on November 10th-12th, but that weekend is pretty relaxed. We’ll be doing a canoe trip, have a trivia/ board game night, some campfires, and a few other activities. We mostly host our young adult event so that staff from the summer and our older campers during the year and get back together and catch up. It’s a great weekend to come out, visit camp, and meet some of our staff. If you know anyone that would be interested in coming, send them over to our website, and sign up!

I really appreciate all of the support that I’ve gotten from you all as I continue working here at Hickory Cove. Most of you I don’t see very often, but I’m always happy to tell you about the things we have going on up here.