June 2016

Hello once again!


Summer I now officially in full swing! Unofficially, it started in May, as we’ve had a lot of really busy weekends. So for instance, back in May, we had a group come called S.W.A.T., who helped us finish some projects around camp. We made some stairs that lead up to an area near our gym, which is going to have a nice sitting area and a fire pit that overlooks most of camp. They also helped us build a new octoball arena just next to our swing sets that the kids have already gotten a ton of use out of.

The weeks have really been rolling by though. As we got closer to summer, some projects had to take a back seat to others as I started prioritizing. So, at least for right now, I’m going to have to wait on the targets for the rifle range. I’ll be picking that back up after summer ends, but for right now, we have a big outdoor feast planned for one of the night activities and that’s taking a good chunk of my time. During the feast, we’ll have a small archery tournament and mock sword fight during the feast while the campers eat. Afterwards, we’re going to have a few medieval field games for the kids to play. So, just as an example, I built a giant slingshot to launch small dodgeballs at castles made of cardboard that the kids will built. So, one team will build a castle, while the other takes shots at it with the slingshot, and then they’ll switch.


Anyway, I don’t have much time to write this time, but I wanted to get something out to give a little insight into what’s happening around here. As always, it would help me out a lot if you would keep me in your prayers as we’re moving our way through summer.