January 2017

Hey Everyone!


I thought while I had a chance I would just send out a quick update this month about what’s happening here at camp, what I’m doing, and what’s coming up in the near future.

As I mentioned in my last letter, this summer we’re going to be looking at how Christ is the light of the world and how we should be reflections of that light. So, in keeping with that idea, I’ve decided that this year, in our normal activity rotations, we’ll be having a little class where we talk about the different properties of light in more detail. We’ll do a few little experiments to look at specifically what light is, reflections, refraction, and playing with a few light filters and then relate those back to us as Christians and our walk with Christ. Then the plan is to wrap things up with some games at the end, like laser tag as we’re planning on adding that this year for our elementary school camps instead of target shooting with paintball.

In general, we’re also trying to differentiate our camps from each other. By that I mean, an elementary age camp should feel different than our middle school camp, etc. There are certain things that are different between our camps anyway, but we’re just trying to make that a more conscious effort now. So, for our high school camps we’re planning on changing things up by going off site for the afternoon on two different days. The plan is to go to a huge in door facility in Mooresville that has tons of climbing walls one day, and then go on a long zip-line canopy tour somewhere else the next. Middle school is in a good place, for right now, so probably not that much will change with that this year. We’ll still do tubing, archery, paintball, and then this year our class on light. Elementary this year, we’ll have slingshots, a craft, the class on light, and one more activity, which yet is to be determined. I’ve got some good ideas, but nothing set in stone yet. It’s more work on me to try to change all this up, because instead of planning 1 week of activities and making a few adjustments to fit the age groups, I’ve got 3 that need to feel different, but I think the change is worth it. After all, as people grow up they change and I think our camps should reflect that.

Elsewhere around camp, everyone else is busy with their own projects. We now have the go ahead from our board to start on the dining hall, so we’re just waiting for the permits to go through to start that. It’s been a long journey even getting to this point, but we’re excited to get started on that. Rob, our facility and maintenance director, and Chuck, our executive director, are heading up the project and coordinating groups that are going to come help with various things like demolition, so between that and their regular responsibilities they’re working hard. With summer soon approaching we’re also trying to nail down some of our staff for the summer, so Caleb, our camp director, is busy with that.

More immediately, we don’t have any sponsored events, by that I mean that we specifically putting on, until our Work Week on March 19th -25th and then Women’s Weekend Away on April 7th-8th. But, if you are interested in coming out for a tour or helping with things we have going on around camp we can always use the help. One of my other projects right now is redesigning and restructuring our paintball course. So, I’m cutting out new paths, removing brush, removing stumps, and moving barricades and bunkers around. We’re also planning on widening some our trails so that our activity areas are accessible by truck. Of course, there’s also the dining hall project, which I’m sure Rob would enjoy having some more help with. Whether you want to come help or just see what we have around here, feel free to stop by. Someone is here in the office Monday-Friday, 9-5, and some weekends depending on if we have a group here or not.

In other news, thank you all so much for your support as I’m trying to figure out my housing situation! So far, I had $1,200 come in to help with my housing and I’m continuing to save where I can. Right now, I’m leaning toward buying a lot and building a small house on it with the intention that as I’m able I expand it. I’m continuing to look and consider my options, so please continue to pray for that. Aside from looking for houses, I’ve decided to get into carving and wood burning as a hobby. I’ve finished a few small projects and I’m happy with how they’ve turned out so far. As I continue it’s nice to see the improvement in quality as I learn different techniques. I’ve toyed around with maybe starting blog or something and posting progress pictures of projects that I’m working on in my spare time. If I do end up doing something like that I’ll be sure to let you all know though.

Again, thank you for your prayers and support.