Bird Plaque and Picture Frame

This was my first project using my wood burner. I had bought the wood burner so that I could make some Christmas gifts for my family. Nothing too fancy, just a plaque and frame. The plaque actually only took about an hour. The frame took much longer just because of the the amount of wood burning to be done.

All I did for the plaque, was buy a dry, sanded piece of wood from Hobby Lobby for about $4 and then I used some tracing paper to trace over the lettering. I printed it out instead of free handing because I wanted to keep everything on the same line and I thought free handing that might be hard for me.

Then, after looking at a different pictures of birds, I did a practice sketch and then finally sketched the one on the wood. Then I just burned over the lines with the wood burner.



Everything for the frame is essentially the same process as with the plaque. 20161219_172057